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Клавиатура Logitech Keyboard K280e, OEM

Детайлно описание

Специална цена. Валидност до 30.06.2018г.


Х-ка 3: Spill-resistant design - Helps protect your investment from losses caused by common office spills like coffee.
Тип на свързване: USB
Х-ка 4: Nearly-silent, low-profile keys with smooth action typing - Ensure comfortable and quiet typing around the office.
Х-ка 5: Full-size keyboard layout with shortcut keys - All computing control tools are intuitively designed for easy reach.
Х-ка 6: Keys designed to withstand up to 10 million keystrokes - Keys are designed to take years of heavy office use, protecting the longevity of your investment.
Х-ка 7: High-quality, padded key prints with UV coating - Prevents letters and numbers from wearing down over time, minimizing employee requests for a replacement keyboard.
Х-ка 8: LED notification center - Visually signals the typing mode - caps, scroll, number lock
БДС кирилизация: Да
Цвят: Black
Гаранция: 24
Предназначен за: Компютър


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