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Мишка Acer Predator Gaming Mouse Cestus 500 PMW730 Black Retail Pack

Х-ка 3: Keep the action nonstop with two Omron switches, an ambidextrous ergonomic design and five customizable profiles. You’ll get tired of the game long before you tire of the mouse.
Тип на свързване: USB
Х-ка 4: Dual Omron Switches offer a total of 70M (50M + 20M) clicks with the option of adjusting the click force via a cleverly designed toggle on the base.
Х-ка 5: Whether you’re a claw grip or a palm, the ergonomic ambidextrous design utilizes customizable side panels to match your gaming needs.
Х-ка 6: Different games call on for different playstyles – which means different settings. Make use of five customizable profiles via the built-in memory.
Цвят: Black
Гаранция: 12
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