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Памет Transcend 16GB micro SDHC UHS-I Ultimate (with adapter, Class 10)

Памет, тип: micro SDHC
Х-ка 1: MLC flash-based performance and reliability
Х-ка 2: Supports Ultra High Speed Class 1 specification (U1); Perfect fit for action cameras to capture every single move
Х-ка 3: Ideal upgrade for smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras; Improved camera response for fast-action consecutive shooting
Х-ка 4: Extremely Protective: Waterproof - IPX7; Temperature Proof -25° to 85°C; Static Proof EMC IEC61000-4-2 standards; X-ray Proof ISO7816-1 standard; Shock Proof
Капацитет, MB: 16 384 MB
Скорост на четене, MB/s: Up to 90 MB/s
Гаранция: 99
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